The primary aim of this task is to develop the algorithms which allow the conversion of current merchantable volume of forest stand into the amount of above-ground biomass and carbon stock. Additionally, for the studied tree species, the allometric equations that allows calculation of biomass and carbon for the individual trees and forest stands will be developed. Further on, the conversion factors will be developed to enable the transformation of merchantable timber volume into biomass and carbon storage with the use of regional biomass expansion factors (BEF), taking into account the variability resulting from the forest stands age and site conditions of their growth.

The project partners from Poznań University of Life Sciences (UP), Forest Research Institute (IBL), University of Agriculture in Kraków (UR), Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) and Institute of Dendrology PAN (ID PAN) will provide the data needed for development of allometric equations and regional biomass expansion factors (BEF). The scientists from each team will participate in the development of the algorithms that will allow conversion of forest stand growing stock into carbon mass stored in the forest.

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