1 Acquisition and processing remote sensing, laboratory and field data.

The primary aim of this task is the acquisition of remote sensing data, as well as collection and processing of field and laboratory data. The collected empirical material will be used to determine above ground biomass and carbon retention in various forest stands consisting of main species of forest trees.

It is planned to cut and measure 3 456 model trees that will represent eight species (Scots pine – Pinus sylvestris, Norway spruce – Picea abies, silver fir – Abies alba, European larch – Larix decidua, pedunculate oak – Quercus robur, common beech – Fagus sylvatica, silver birch – Betula pendula and common alder – Alnus glutinosa).

The collected data will allow to develop local allometric equations as well as biomass expansion factors (BEF) used to calculate the standing biomass and carbon storage in above ground parts of trees and forest stands, taking into account the variability originating from age and site conditions of forest stands.

Due to the location of the sample plots throughout the entire country and high labour intensity of fieldwork, acquiring field data has been planned for the participants with established experience in this area: Poznań Univeristy of Life Sciences (UP), Forest Research Institute (IBL), Univeristy of Agriculture in Kraków (UR), Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) and Polish Academy of Science Institute of Dendrology in Kórnik (ID PAN).

Project schedule assume to get airborne laser scanner data, terrestrial laser scanner data as well as multi and hyper spectral data.

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