About the project

The project „Remote sensing based assessment of woody biomass and carbon storage in forests” (REMBIOFOR) is founded by the National Centre for Research and Development within the program „Natural environment, agriculture and forestry” BIOSTRATEG, under the agreement no. BIOSTRATEG1/267755/4/NCBR/2015. The amount of funding is 16 133 751 zł.

The aim of the project is to work out the complex method of defining selected forest stand descriptions as well as aboveground biomass and carbon sequestration, based on the use of remote sensing for the purposes of forest management planning.

Main goals of BIOSTRATEG are:

  1. Acquisition and processing of remote sensing, laboratory and field data.
  2. Determining the amount of biomass and carbon in the forest based on radar data.
  3. Development of methods for the inventory of selected stand descriptions, growing stock and biomass with the use of active remote sensing techniques.
  4. Local correction of dendrometric volume equations based on terrestrial laser scanning data (TLS)
  5. Development of the merchantable volume conversion factors into biomass and carbon.
  6. Preparation for practical implementation of research phase results of the project.

Results of the project will allow to:

  • reduce time needed to carry out the work of the forest management, especially inventory of growing stock;
  • obtain higher accuracy of the CO2 balance, biomass and annual allowable cut calculations;
  • determine growing stock for any forest area;
  • reduce cost of field work in forest management.

Authors of the project:

Krzysztof Stereńczak, Ph.D.Eng.

Stanisław Miścicki, prof.

Michał Zasada, prof.

Andrzej Jagodziński, Ph.D.Eng.

Jarosław Socha, Ph.D.Eng.

Wojciech Ochał, Ph.D.Eng.

Maciej Skorupski, Ph.D.Eng.

Paweł Strzeliński, Ph.D.Eng.

Zbigniew Karaszewski, Ph.D.Eng.

Dariusz Ziółkowski, Ph.D.

Agata Hościło, Ph.D.Eng.

Jacek Przypaśniak M.Sc.

Emilia Wiśniewska, Ph.D.Eng.

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