3 Development of a methods for the inventory of the growoving stock, biomass and selected forest stands descriptions

The objective of this task is to develop and test inventory methods of the current state of the forest with the use of airborne laser scanning data (ALS) and the development of methods that will allow the use of ALS data and radar data in the inventory of above ground biomass of trees.

Apart from studies of these methods, a cost estimation of such an inventory will be conducted together with the estimate of the level of accuracy and possibility of measuring significant forest stands descriptions. As a result of the project, a suitable modification and version of the software currently used by the State forest will be developed, so proposed method can be put into practice.

The task is multidisciplinary: it connects topics of dendrometry, forest management and remote sensing.

The leading role in processing data and defining features of forest stands is performed by IBL. SGGW will be responsible for the creation of the models that will allow the appropriate pairing of the field data with corresponding airborne laser scanning data, forest stands health condition and for the works concerning the integration of the existing Forest Numerical Map for the proposed solutions.

The main load of preparing the application, programming tasking, remote sensing analysis and the method developments lies within responsibilities of IBL. UR and UP will help and support these activities. UP will employ PhD student that will work on the problems concerning the estimations of the height of trees and forest stands. UR studies will be conducted on the use of information about potential site productivity represented by the site index.

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